European comradeship

With Voorpost we try to work together with nationalistic brothers all over Europe. We visit their events, support mostly their cause and have often the luck to get invited to speak on their conferences. On our turn we invite foreign speakers to our events, take actions in our land for their cause, and start even solidarity projects to help them if they are in big troubles.
We have especially good bands with organizations and people in Scandinavia, Croatia (Hrvatska), Brittany (Breizh), Poland (Polska), Hungary (Magyarország), Cyprus (Κύπρος), Germany (Deutschland), Bulgaria (България), etc.
Do you think that our ideology and goals matches also with the ideology and goals of you or your organization and do you want to meet us, or do you even want to have a speaker or delegation from Voorpost on your next event? Just take contact with us.
Together we stand strong! For a free and powerful Europe!

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